Hello! And welcome to The Golden Apple Web Page!

Recent News:


-New Site up!!!-
Our website is brand spankin' new! And we would like to take the time to
welcome you all to our little corner of the internet world! The website was
designed in a week using Photoshop for images and Dreamweaver
for the web code thanks to our webmaster.

-Page Scrolling-
A few features, Like the java script scroll bar on the right here, All you have to do
is hover your mouse over the top and bottom Scroll-Bars to swift your way up
and down each page as they get longer in the future. This most likely will change
over time as content is added and the website is updated as need be.

I would like to mainly point out and note that we do have a
FACEBOOKPAGE/GROUPso you should hop on over to the page on
the left hand side here, and LIKE US!!! DO IT!!

-Site Errors-
We would like to ask you, That if you happen to find ANY bugs what
so ever in the future to please contact our Site Administrator:
GimmiLFactorY, so he may correct the issue.
- Thanks! -
This website was created on December 11th 2010!