1. What metal is your jewelry made of?

All of our jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver, including the ear wires and posts on
our earrings, the chains, pendants, bracelets, everything is made of sterling silver.

2. Do you make all the jewelry?

No, not anymore, I can buy imported jewelry for a lot less thanI can make it for, saving
you money in the process, however, I do string all the pearls and beaded necklaces, and occasionally I will cut a stone and make a piece of jewelry with it but I never get the cost
of labor out of it. No one will buy the American made jewelry when its displayed next to
imported jewelry because of the price difference.

3. What's the deal with your crazy store hours?

Originally our hours were 9am to 6pm, and we just sat here watching the paint dry until
people started coming in after noon. I had everyone write the time of day on the sales
receipt under the date so that I could calculate dollars per hour and that sort of thing,
What I discovered was that before 1pm we had practically no sales, and after 5pm sales
dropped off to practically nothing unless it happened to be a busy day. So the rare busy
day it was worth being open an hour later. Before I hire a part timer to open the store
before noon we're going to need a lot more business in this town, otherwise we'll just
lose money. So for now I'm just open during optimum hours, We usually come in before
1pm and we usually stay open past 5pm, but if it's raining or something else is going
on these official hours give us some leeway.

4. Where is your jewelry from?

The amber and sterling jewelry is imported from Poland, Amber beads-Lithuania, the
gemstone jewelry comes from India, Bali, Indonesia, Mexico, and Thailand, plain silver-no
stone is mostly Thailand. The pearls are Chinese freshwater pearls which are strung here
in our store, The beaded necklaces are also done here at our store or at home watching TV. Sometimes, I'll cut a stone at home and I'll bring it to the store and make a sterling setting
for it and sell it here, I don’t do that much anymore because I don’t get any labor out of it.

5. Do you repair jewelry?

Short answer NO, long answer, sometimes- if you bought the jewelry from me and it
broke and is fixable, I owe you a replacement or your money back anyway so if you
want me to repair it I'll give it a try. However I'm not trained or Insured to repair jewelry
and if I screw up you great grandma's wedding ring I'm on the hook to replace it, it's
high risk and low return so I don’t repair jewelry that wasn't purchased here.

6. Do you replace watch batteries?

No, we don’t sell watches or batteries here.

7. Do you accept consignments?

No we don’t, you have to carry a special very expensive consignment insurance if
you're going to do that, The insurance is so expensive that I would have to have
a 100% consignment business for it to be feasible, sorry.

8. Do you make custom jewelry?

No we don’t, our prices on the imports are so low that people expect third world pricing
on labor as well, besides the store down the street does nothing but custom jewelry
and people invariably want me to undercut their sensible pricing.

9. Do you cut stones for people?

Sorry no, I have tons of my own stones to cut that I don’t have time for
(it's very time consuming). If anyone out there reading this wants some custom
cutting business let me know and I'll direct inquiries to you.