A history about The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple is located in
downtown Chelsea on main street(M-52) next to Reed Barbering. The name "The Golden Apple" comes from the fact that
we were mainly an amber and sterling jewelry store in the spring of 2001, and
we couldn't figure out what to name the store, weeks went by, finally it was
decided the name should be "The Golden Apple" after an ancient European believe that amber was gathered in the garden
of Hesperides were the Golden Apples of immortality were kept safe (the ancient gods would hand them out as payment occasionally for extraordinary deeds).
  The store officially opened at 11:05 AM              (Click Here to see full News Artical)
  Sunday April 22nd 2001 (first sale 12:35PM).

Now that a decade has gone by our jewelry offering has evolved frommostly amber
beads from lithuania, and amber and sterling from poland to include an international mix
of sterling and gemstone jewelry from thailand and india as well as pearls from china.
We always carry a huge variety of sterling and semi-precious gemstone jewelry in earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and chain as well as the occasional fossil, geode or amethyst
crystal cluster. we are always curious to know what our customers are looking for so
please send an e-mail and let us know what it is you would like to find in our store.

Our biggest concern is your satisfaction, we want you the customer to be very happy
with any of our merchandise, and we stand by our merchandise with a money
back guarantee. We also pride ourselves with getting you the best for less, when
you buy something from us your getting a great value for your money. So come
on down and stop in the next time you're in downtown Chelsea.